1. Poachers Footprints. Fresh. Most anti-poaching patrols take place in Northern Serengeti as incidences of poaching in the Maasai Mara are quite low due to regular and efficient patrolling. Another factor is that the waKuria tribe live on the northwest border of the Serengeti and hunting is both cultural and a boost to the local economy for this poor community cut off from the rest of Tanzania by the National Park. 

    It’s a very beautiful, rugged part of Serengeti and until recently used to be free of tourist camps and lodges however more and more are starting to appear as game viewing is excellent all year round. It will leave the area less ‘wild’ but could bring much needed jobs to the waKuria communities and I know that a couple of camps sourced fresh produce from the villages and hired waKuria men as guards.

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