1. Nyama Choma at Karen Blixen Camp. It may look like a goat has been slaughtered and stuck on a few sticks but in fact this type of afternoon takes at least a week of preparation. First, a checkup for the ancient Land Rover followed by an email and phone call to Nairobi to get spare parts purchased and sent down to the Mara by plane. Then the finding of a mechanic and the fitting of said spare parts plus the ordering of another spare part that is not really needed but might save you a lot of money if things go wrong, followed by a quick test-drive and the filling of both tanks before 10 am (the Land Rover was a guzzler and after 10 am the petrol pump didn’t work because of the heat). Then the purchasing of supplies and charming the storekeeper at the staff shop to handover a crate of Tusker without paying a deposit on the bottles, followed by a two hour drive to Karen Blixen Camp on a road that will shake the hell out of the Land Rover and create a list of repairs needed upon return.

    I could only afford this journey about once every two months.

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